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A red wine variety which is thought to have originated from the Near East, specifically in Iran, although the contemporary version comes from France, principally from the high Rhône area.

Over the last few decades, this grape variety has been much in fashion and is grown in an endless number of countries, of which particular mention should be made of Australia where the Shiraz (the Anglo-Saxon way of writing its name) has become its principal identifying mark. It was authorised in Navarre in 2008, where there are just a few experimental plantations.

Wines made with Syrah are noted for their intense colour, full body, and fruit flavours and spicy aromas. This variety gives some very good results for aged wines, with barrel ageing whilst also expressing well in young wines. It is either made as a monovarietal or as a blend and makes a very good complement to the Garnacha.

Agricultural data

Vegetative cycle

  • Mid-season bud break, in between the Garnacha and Tempranillo, with high bud fertility (2 - 3 clusters per shoot).
  • Susceptible to bud breakage by the wind, from bud burst to flowering.
  • Drooping growth and well developed canopy.
  • Flowering in early June.
  • Veraison occurs during the first ten days of August.
  • Very short ripening cycle, quick ripening with a tendency towards over-ripening.

Pests and diseases

  • Highly susceptible to clorosis.
  • Not very susceptible to oidium.
  • Susceptible to mites and botrytis at the end of the ripening period.


  • Adapts to different types of climate on healthy, good quality soils.
  • Its early ripening allows it to be correctly adapted to cool, late areas.


  • Medium - large size, drooping, cylindrical and with wings (200 gr. / cluster).
  • Elliptical berries of a characteristic violet - blue colour.


  • High yield.
  • It can easily reach high sugar levels and offers some consistently high total acidity values.
  • Its quality decreases substantially as the yield increases.


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