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Sauvignon Blanc

A white variety originating from France, probably Bordeaux, although it is also traditionally grown in the Haute Loire zone (Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé).

One of the most important white grape varieties which has been exported to an endless number of countries (New Zealand, Chile ...) and which is present in many Spanish wine producing zones. It was authorised in Navarre in 2008 and there are but a few grape plantations of an experimental nature.

It is used for making young wines or barrel fermented wines. Its greatest attributes lie in its pale colour, good acidity and aromatic qualities. Depending on growing location, its aromas can evoke notes of tropical fruit, such as the Maracuya passion fruit, and herbaceous notes reminiscent of gorse.

Agricultural data

Vegetative cycle

  • Early bud break, one or two days after Chardonnay; extremely susceptible to frost.
  • Flowering at the beginning of June, and veraison three days after Chardonnay.
  • A vigorous variety of medium fertility.
  • The ripening cycle (veraison - harvest) is very short with a very early technological maturity and a high susceptibility to over-ripening.

Pests and diseases

  • Very low resistance to botrytis.
  • Low resistance to oidium and high resistance to mildew.
  • Susceptible to the vine moth.


  • Similar requirements to Chardonnay, its highly vigorous growth makes planting recommendable in not very fertile soils.
  • Sensitive to drought.


  • Small, compact clusters, recording weights of 174 grams and with a very short peduncle.
  • The berry is small, golden when ripe and with a characteristic aromatic flavour.


  • Yields are medium - low.
  • Long pruning is advisable.
  • The grape juice has a medium high alcohol content with good acidity.


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