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A white grape variety originating in the Burgundy region of France, and the most international of the white grape varieties. It is cultivated in wine producing countries throughout the world due to its high quality and easy adaptability to different conditions.

In Navarre it was introduced in the eighties and, in scarcely two decades, it has become the dominant white variety in the region and the identifying mark of Navarre white wines. It accounts for almost 3% of the vineyard surface area, with more than 500 hectares located in the Ribera Alta and Ribera Baja, Valdizarbe and Tierra Estella.

A grape with much character, used to make wines with good acidity, body and high alcohol by volume content, wines in which the aromas are generally reminiscent of citrus fruits (and tropical fruits on occasions), hay and honey. Due to its high class, it is generally produced as a monovarietal for young wines or wines for ageing: its wines are very suitable for maturing and ageing in barrels.

Agricultural data

Vegetative cycle

  • Early bud break, highly sensitive to frosts.
  • Flowering at the beginning of June Very early ripening.
  • Susceptible to over-ripening.
  • Short cycle.

Pests and diseases

  • Highly susceptible to Botrytis.
  • Susceptible to oidium and to the vine moth.


  • Mild, cool and somewhat humid climates.
  • Sensitive to drought.
  • Climate zones I and II.
  • It prefers fertile land.


  • Small, cylindrical with one or two side wings.
  • Compact with short peduncle, with a weight of 150 gr. / cluster.
  • Small, round grapes.
  • Golden yellow when ripe.
  • Shiny, strong skin.


  • Average yield.

Source: EVENA

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